EU BioFood Cluster Milan-Montpellier-Wageningen

8000+ food companies

200+ research & innovation projects

17 000+ people working on research


Parco Tecnologico Padano
(Lodi, Regione Lombardia, Italy)

Parco Tecnologico Padano is based in Lodi, 30 km from Milan (Lombardy, Italy). It manages an innovation-driven bio-economy cluster and coordinates the High Tech Agri-Food Cluster of Lombardy (CAT.AL) which involves 300 partners among research centres, SMEs, big companies, private and public stakeholders.

Research, Development and Innovation:
• An own Research Centre active in animal and plant genomics, cell and molecular biology, bio-informatics (75 researchers).
• Network of 7 Universities and 17 Research Centres.
• Collaborations with University of Milano, Catholic University of Piacenza, Research National Council.
• Genhome resort facility.

Industry and services:
• “Alimenta” Business incubator : 26 enterprises
• 300 Companies inside the High Tech Lombardy Cluster
• Connection to Life Sciences, Green Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals Regional High-Tech Clusters.

Major topics
• Main sectors: Cereals and fruit, livestock, milk and dairy products, nutraceutical, bio-energy & bio-based materials, cosmetics.
• Research: Food Safety and Food Quality.



Agropolis International
(Montpellier , Languedoc-Roussillon, France) 

Agropolis International, based in the south of France, is an international complex of research and higher education in Agriculture Food Biodiversity and Environment, grouping for 28 years, 47 organizations:

  • 28 knowledge organizations  - major French agronomical research and higher education organizations such as INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), CIRAD (Agricultural Research for Development), IRD (Institut de recherche pour le Développement), Montpellier SupAgro,  5  universities, etc

         - 7 500 scientists in the region with 2 700 focused on Agropolis thematics inside 80 laboratories and 1 450 PhD
       - 90 000 students in the region with 7 000 focused on Agropolis thematics courses (155 degree courses from technicians to PhD levels)
  •  research/industry interfaces and companies  and
  •  local Authorities (city, metropolitan, regional and national  levels).

A platform of global scope with a window towards Mediterranean and tropical regions (300 French scientists based in 60 partner countries), International institutes  in Montpellier (CIHEAM-IAM.M, ICRA, Bioversity International) ,  foreign laboratories (Australia-CSIRO, Argentina-INTA, Brazil-EMBRAPA, USA-USDA) and  the new headquarters of the Consortium of CGIAR.

Industry and services :

  • A regional incubator to support the creation of start-up companies (47 incubated projects from 2000 to 2010 in the field of Science-Health-Food-Biotechnologies)
  •  Qualiméditerranée competitiveness cluster focused on innovating in Mediterranean agriculture and food : with 126 companies
  •  Business & Innovation Centers supported by local authorities (consultants, office space, training  and information on business)
  • Technological infrastructures  (experimental greenhouses, pilot halls, Water science House, Remote Sensing Centre, platforms)

Major topics:
Mediterranean and tropical productions (Wine and grapevine products, fruits and vegetables, cereals), green technologies, genetic resources and integrative plant biology, agro-ecology, food security and link to food & health.





Oost NV
(East Netherlands)

East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NV) supports international companies willing to invest in the region, supports start-ups, develops research and development projects for SME’s, supports their internationalisation, develops business parks and  delivers venture capital. Oost NV cooperates with the cluster known as Food Valley which has its centre in the Province of Gelderland.

Research, Development and Innovation:
• 20 research institutes like
• Wageningen University and Research Centre
• NIZO food research
• TNO Healthy Living
• R&D centres of major companies like Danone, H.J. Heinz, Friesland Campina.
• 15.000 scientists in the Wageningen area in the domain Agri-Food and life sciences
• Strong collaboration between industry and research institutes in public private cooperationships

Industry and services:
• Cluster Food Valley NL with 120 companies
• Accelerator StartLife with more than 50 startups in Agri-Food
• Other regional clusters, e.g. Dutch Poultry Centre
• Number two exporter of agrofood products in the world

Major topics
• Main sectors: milk and dairy products, poultry and eggs, pig meat, ingredients, machinery.
• Research on food security, sustainability and food & health;


 Creating a unique Gateway for Brazil, Chile, USA, India and EU food industry cooperation through a cluster to cluster approach