Discovering cluster activities in North India : Chandigarh, Delhi

28 May 2013

Fifty people from government, academia, industry sectors, met the EU BioFood Cluster in Chandigarh, city of Punjab.

Green Revolution happened in 70's in Punjab. The next challenges are food security, irrigation, ground water resource, road and logistic, land reform to feed the nation.

Organisms visited in Mohali, called "city of Knowledge",Punjab:

- National Agro-Food Biotechnology Institute -NABI
- Bio-Processing Unit- BPU
- Institute of Nano Science and Technology - INST
- Punjab Biotechnology Incubator - PBTI (a Quality Testing & Certification service)
- Indian Institute of Science Educaton & Research - IISER (excellence centre with postgraduate training and research)
- Punjab State Council for Science & Technology

The delegation visited a honey processing unit - Kejriwal group on the road to Delhi

Visits in Delhi :
- Indian Agricultural Research Institute - IARI, with a presentation of the NAtional Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology - NBCPB, and Scientist on Biotechnologies
- All India Food Processing Association - AIFPA (1200 members)