Feeding the planet Bootcamp on Brazil

Feeding the planet Bootcamp on Brazil

09.04.14 until 09.04.14

Milano, Wageningen, Montpellier

Feeding the Planet bootcamp on Brazil opportunities: an intensive one day meeting focused on the Brazilian mission and aimed at setting the basis for its success.

The main outcome of this day will indeed be that of fostering dialogue and cooperation among EU companies, and researchers  and  Brazilian counterparts;  and to provide all information and concepts used to maximize the mission's impact.

The bootcamp will be held in parallel in the three clusters of Milan, Montpellier and Wageningen.

After the local session, organized by each cluster manager according to each cluster specificties; Milan, montpellier and Wageningen will connect to a common virtual meeting in order to offer their stakeholder a privileged insight on Brazil.

These will be the core topics of the Bootcamp:

  • The advantages for SMEs of "Cluster go International" approach: how can SMEs benefit from internationalization missions with a cluster approach
  • Food tech trends 2020 in EU and Brazil
  • Insight on Campinas Science Park and Minas Gerais cooperatives
  • Trends of research in Brazil - EU cooperation 
  • Field experiences and lessons learnt by EU companies that successfully implemented cooperation with Brazil and by successfulEU project consortia 

Each participant will then be offered the possibility to introduce itself in order to concretely start cooperation and tailor the mission on effective needs and desiderata.

The deadline for subsctiption is the 31st of March, 2014.


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You can register to the bootcamp for free by sending an email to your cluster manager: