Mission to Brazil

Mission to Brazil

19.05.14 until 23.05.14


The Feeding the Planet consortium is organizing a mission to Brazil.  The objective of this mission is to better commercialise technology in the agrofood and biotech sector, through a cluster approach. This mission also aims to find new business opportunities and partnerships for Italian, French and Dutch companies.

Therefore we are looking for these European companies in the agrofood and biotech sector that can add value or bring efficiency, with their knowledge, technology or products, to Brazilian companies.

Why Brazil?

·         Brazil is the main exporter of a lot of the agro commodities worldwide.

·         The agrofood production will increase in coming years.

·         There is a great need for new technologies to add value, increase efficiency and sustainability

Regions and sectors of focus

This mission focuses on the states:

·         Minas Gerais, with the capital Belo Horizonte

·         Sao Paulo and the city Campinas

Both states are important areas of production. Promising sectors are: dairy, fruit & vegetables and adding value to agricultural waste.

Program (with a proviso)

The program will include a matchmaking and visits to local companies, knowledge institutes and governmental organisations. We strive to make the program as much as possible to the needs of the joining companies. 

For further information

Are you interested in joining this mission or would you like to get more information send an e-mail to linze.rijswijk@oostnv.nl