Concrete results expected

The project activities aims at creating a World-Class Clusters in Agro-Food Sector in Europe, through  a common and shared coherent strategy and through the implementation of  international Cluster activities in line with this strategy, with a proper linkage between the international relations of academia and those of businesses together with a coordination at cluster governance level.

The strength and dynamics of cluster firms strongly depends on their ability to draw from the best available knowledge and to become globally competitive, which depends on support to the access of cluster firms to international markets and to the development of strategic alliances with partners abroad, a challenge itself related to the quality of cluster management.

In line with this strategy, the main expected impact of the project consortium will consist in the creation of  a common strategy of capitalisation the common expertise available through internationalization.

A task force will be established in each of the target countries, composed by local and EU Experts who are able to set up technology cooperation agreements and business opportunities for the target groups of the project.

These sort of agreements should constitute a favorable framework for clusters and the cluster SMEs in their international development strategy.


  • Regione Lombardia DG Productive Activities, Research and Innovation
  • Fondazione Parco Tecnologico Padano
  • Agropolis International
  • Oost NV