Feeding the Planet

European Bio Food Clusters on the World Stage (2012-2014)

Three European clusters in the field of agriculture, agro-food and agro-biotechnologies - Milan, Montpellier, Wageningen - gather their skills to set up a European World Class Cluster, to generate a joint offer of expertise on international level for clusters in Brazil, Chile, the USA and India.

The purpose is to generate joint strategies for the development of partnerships on the international level in the framework of a cluster policy. This action concerns the 3 pillars of the cluster’s triple propeller, namely research and training organizations, innovative companies (in agriculture, agro-food and agro-biotechnology sector) and local authorities.

Feeding the Planet


  • Regione Lombardia DG Productive Activities, Research and Innovation
  • Fondazione Parco Tecnologico Padano
  • Agropolis International
  • Oost NV